Psychic Palm Reading

The First Psychic Palm Reading

When my beloved Wal was 19 years of age, he made friends with Marlene whose hobby was psychic palm reading. She lived next to one of his friends, Joyce, who was a psychic herself. Joyce also had a good library of books about psychic things such as meditation, palmistry, face reading, divination, tarot reading, meditation music, guided meditations, mysticism, spiritual growth, enlightenment, spiritual healing, kundalini, aura, chakras, numerology, law of attraction, hypnosis, ascended masters, clairvoyants, mediums, homeopathy, past life therapy, reincarnation, new age therapy and the Golden Age. They would often get together to experiment with psychic exercises such as telepathy and aura viewing. Even though Wal used to visit Joyce weekly for deep discussions about the nature of reality and the meaning of life, for many months he didn’t know that Marlene existed.



Wal Has His Palm Read For The First Time

One day, as Wal left Joyce’s house, Marlene walked up to him and asked him for a date. She introduced herself as the girl that lived next door to Joyce and said that she was into psychic palm reading and therefore she shared some interests with him. Obviously she had done her homework about Wal. Wal guessed that she had often observed him coming and going from Joyce’s and had asked Joyce or her family about him. So Wal took Marlene to the movies. Afterwards, Marlene offered to read Wal’s palm.

Beware Of Psychic Palm Reading

Sitting in his car after the movie, Marlene gave Wal a psychic palm reading. Not only was she accurate in what she revealed to Wal but she also said some things that Wal thought only he knew. These were secrets that he thought he would carry to his grave. And she knew them! This aroused Wal’s curiosity and so he agreed to another date with Marlene. However, when he told Joyce, she became very upset because Marlene’s family had hurt her emotionally over the years that they were neighbors and Joyce didn’t want Wal to have anything to do with them. And so Wal, always loyal to his friends, reluctantly cancelled that date and any future dates with Marlene.

Learnings From Psychic Palm Reading

The 2 major things for Wal that did come out of this encounter was firstly a confidence boost in that a psychic should find out so much about him and yet still want to go out with him, and secondly, Wal made a hard and fast rule never to have his palm read again. The fewer people who knew his secrets the better.

The Second (And Final) Psychic Palm Reading

Decades later Wal met Jan. She also had a hobby of psychic palm reading and she was popular at parties for this very reason. After months of persuasion Wal finally relented on his rules and allowed Jan to read his palm. Again, to his horror, Jan came up with the same deep secrets about him as Marlene. Wal was sure that now that Jan knew the worst of him she would not want to see him again. But the reverse happened. Jan and Wal married. Apparently, as also happened with Marlene, the good stuff that psychic palm reading revealed about Wal to Jan far outweighed the not so good stuff and Wal was revealed as good marriage material.

The Dark Side Of Psychic Palm Reading

As you may or may not know, Jan and Wal went on to discover a powerful technique of spiritual growth and enlightenment called ‘Celestial Transformation’. Celestial Transformation can enhance the psychic powers of psychics. So Jan became extraordinarily psychic. Now she merely needs to glance at a palm to see a multitude of things about a person, including their death. It was the death bit that upset Jan so she vowed never again to use psychic palm reading.

Jan The Extraordinary Clairvoyant

Even though Jan gave up her psychic palm reading, she retained her enhanced psychic abilities, and agreed to use them so long as the information she receive were only going to be upsetting to her if it were beneficial for her and essential for her to know it. She pioneered a process called ‘Transmission’. Transmission enables information to flow to and from Spirit, free from the interference that occurs with other means of communication with Spirit such as channeling. Therefore the information in this site is of the Highest.